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With 10+ years in the internet business, I’ve gathered some expertise. From creating a website, creating custom web-apps from scratch, setting up database solutions, and troubleshooting countless problems, I’d like to share all this information with you.

Here you’ll find my expert guides, with step by step instructions, in plain English. If you don’t see a topic you’re looking for, let me know and I’ll create a tutorial for you.

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5 comments on “Providing simple ‘How To’ tutorials in easy steps
  1. Vishwadeep says:


    I own 3 restaurants. each one has a local server and all 3 local server sends data to main central server every EOD. I have 1 server license for each location.

    Please suggest a fail-over solution when any local server of restaurant goes down.

    I am using an additional PC with server installed. but currently after main server goes down for any reason, i need to take backup and restore in backup PC and reroute the traffic to backup server and it takes time.

    Please advice for a solutions with low downtime.

  2. Taimur Siddiqui says:

    Hi Mr. Shane,
    For my course project, I’m also working on failover mechanisms for cloud servers. DNS failover mechanism has already been implemented by me. Now-a-days, I’m looking for some other mechanisms for failover. Could you please let me know about some more failover mechanisms. I’d be thankful to you.

  3. Diwakaran says:

    Hi sir my name diwakaran .
    i purchase one website from godaddy and hosting in bluehost ..
    i have a files in my server .
    and i need to download by using form action(using post or get method from HTML and create a temporary download link in php )
    i don’t have codding knowledge so please guide me to do that ..
    where can i get this knowledge of codding to do download …
    sorry for my English /

  4. Ramesh says:

    Hi Shane,
    Need a solution for Database switch activity.

    Our application connects to DB to store and retrieve data including audio files. Currently, we does switching activity manually by changing the DB connection string in the CONFIG file that tells the web application to connect to that database.

    How to automate this process?

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